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Sent: Sun Jan 15 14:17:29 2017

Do you know anyone who might be interested in a free Mach2 Forth 2.13 package. I can send a pic. Just have it in my house, figure that somebody into Retro might have fun with it.


[... email address ...]

One of the Mini vMac related forums may be a good place to ask.

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Sent: Mon Jan 2 16:47:59 2017

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your excellent work on Mini vMac. The Mac II support seems to be almost perfect now .. I have a range of games working flawlessly in color in both Systems 6 and 7. It is amazing to see games like Vette working in 16 color mode, which I was never able to do with alternative software like Basilisk and SheepShaver.

My only problem is with how Mini vMac is functioning with QuickTime. Some games like Myst will tend to (randomly) crash during the QuickTime movie sequences, and other games will play the movies too quickly, or the sound will go out of sync with the video.

I have experimented with a range of builds (all Mac II) across various systems (7.1 to 7.5.5), speeds (x1 up to all out) and different QuickTime versions (1.6 up to 2.5 from memory), but nothing is really helping. It is erratic and unpredictable, and seems to be related to QuickTime itself, as the affected games will all work perfectly up to the point QuickTime is utilized.

Are you aware of any specific issues that affect Mini vMac's performance with the QuickTime software?

If so, do you know of any build options that I could use which might improve QuickTime performance or stability?

Thanks again for all your hard work on this excellent software.


Adam Meath

Perth, Western Australia

It is good that much software works well in the incomplete Macintosh II emulation.

Currently, the biggest thing known to be incomplete is the FPU emulation (for floating point arithmetic). It wouldn’t be suprising if this affects QuickTime.

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Sent: Mon Jan 2 15:31:37 2017

Thank you very much for your Variations Service! :-) Much appreciated!

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Sent: Tue Dec 27 01:10:08 2016

Hello Paul,

I'd like to report a bug with the Macintosh II build on Windows (maybe other builds and platforms too; haven't tried) in somewhat specific circumstances.

With both SimCity 2000 v1.0 and with StuffIt Lite 4.6 I've noticed that the Mini vMac application will lockup completely while using these applications. The emulation stops and eventually Windows grays the vMac window and adds "Not Responding" to the window title. However, if you click the vMac window then after about ten to fifteen seconds the emulation resumes and Mini vMac and the Mac software again responds. This cycle quickly repeats again though so these particular titles are not really usable at this point.

I'm running System 7.1 within Mini vMac and I can provide samples of the system software and applications if it would assist with investigation. The specific Mini vMac build was created in September using the download service on the homepage. It's mnvm5993-3.4.1 using the following options: -t wx86 -m II -depth 2 -sss 4 -drives 8.

For StuffIt Lite the lockup occurs whenever an archive window is openeded with the application. With SimCity 2000 it happens whenever the simulation is actually running (not when paused). It doesn't seem to affect the upgraded 1.2 version of SimCity 2000 though.


Stephen Barbieri

Thank you for the detailed bug report. I was able to reproduce this issue in a different version of StuffIt. It appears that the SoftFloat code used by Mini vMac for FPU emulation doesn't cope well with invalid input. I put in another check in the divide function, the same place where I had put in a check a long time ago for a similar issue, and it seems to prevent the pause.

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Sent: Thu Dec 22 21:08:50 2016

[previous message]

It might also be useful linking to the content on web.archive.org and ensuring all your own site gets regular backups there via an explicit robots.txt entry.

Links to web.archive.org could be a good idea, I’ll consider it.

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Sent: Sat Dec 17 01:25:58 2016


Can you send us a message at [... email address ...] when you make your updates so that we can cover them on our website and in our magazine.

Thanks Much

Bill Martens



Thank you for your interest. Lately there has been a new development version each week. Official releases are much less frequent. I announce them on Twitter, I’ll try to remember to notify you also. (I wrote myself a note on a release checklist, I just have to remember to look at this list.)

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Sent: Sun Dec 11 19:22:04 2016

How can I start using it?

See the Getting Started with Mini vMac instructions.

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Sent: Sat Dec 10 02:35:05 2016

Wanted to ask about copy protection in Mini vMac. Pinball Construction Set always crashes with a system error of 03. Furthermore, the B&W Ultima III always crashes with a system error of 05. Any way to get around these crashes?

I don't know about these programs specifically, but generally copy protection would deal with the floppy hardware at a lower level than Mini vMac emulates. It would also tend to be at a lower level than the Finder and archiving software deal with, so it is likely that copies simply don't contain all the information needed. You would have to break the copy protection before copying it from the original disks.

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Sent: Thu Dec 8 11:32:10 2016

Sending good wishes to John V. Holder - his site is hacked and he seems to be MIA. I hope he's all right. Feel free to pass on my best wishes if you have any communication with him. If not, well...

His site doesn't look to me to be hacked, just that it disappeared and the domain name was taken over by someone else. (That is common, which is why I'm gradually moving to hosting software at www.gryphel.com/c/sw instead of just linking.) Sorry, I don't have communication with him.

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Sent: Sat Dec 3 18:24:21 2016

When I try to select Control Panel > Monitors > Colors > Millions I get "Abornal Situation" message and the screen change to yellow color.

I use variation service, Mini vMac 6427.exe.

Sory for bad english.

Are you using System 6? There seems to be some issue with using Millions of Colors in System 6, in the current incomplete state of Macintosh II emulation. It can be made to work by installing “32-Bit QuickDraw”, from the System Install disks using the “Customize” button.

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Sent: Sat Dec 3 01:07:49 2016

This is fun to play around with. Thank you for taking the time to keep this updated.

I’m glad you like Mini vMac.

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Sent: Fri Nov 25 08:30:14 2016

I'm using version 3.5 (I also tried earlier versions)... a custom built for emulating Mac II... installed System 7.5 in it and it seems to run well, but there seems to be an issue with those colorful "Desktop Patterns" in System 7.5 if you are using a build that supports more than 256 colors (it seems that you can only use black&white desktop patterns then in Mini vMac if you are using a version with more than 256 colors, but in BasiliskII colorful desktop patterns can be used even if you are using millions of colors)... Maybe it has something to do with builds that are made for more than 256 colors not supporting 256 color mode (I mean, in BasiliskII one version supports different color modes and you can choose under "Monitors" in MacOS do you want 256 colors, thousands of colors or millions colors... but with Mini vMac if you are using a build for "thousands of colors", then you don't get "256 colors" mode under "Monitors")... Please see if you can make one version that can support 256 colors, thousands of colors and millions of colors at the same time (so you can just choose under "Monitors" how many colors you want)... and could you also add support for more than just 4MB of RAM, if it's not too complicated? BTW... You don't have to reply... I'm just sending a suggestion that I think would improve Mini vMac :)

It seems unlikely that having 256 colors as an option would have effect on the Thousands or Millions of Colors modes, though I guess it isn't impossible.

The Macintosh II emulation supports 8MB of RAM. More than that is tricky since the ROM isn’t 32 bit clean.

I had looked into hacking the Macintosh Plus emulation to support more the 4MB of RAM, by moving the ROM image in the address space, and concluded it wasn’t feasible, because ROM patches in the operating system depend on the exact location of ROM routines.


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