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Mini vMac 3.5 *Alpha*

Variations Service Directions

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Alpha! Variations for the current stable version are available from the main Mini vMac Variations Service page. For more information about the Alpha, see the Mini vMac 3.5 download page.

Mini vMac has no preference settings, which helps to keep it small, simple, and reliable. Instead, options can be chosen at compile time. You can compile a variation of Mini vMac with options you desire following the instructions on the Build page.

Or, I can compile variations for you.

This Variations Service is free. But if you find it useful, please consider helping the Gryphel Project of which it is a part.

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Select the options you desire, then press press the “Request custom variation” button at top. (The link in each option's name leads to documentation for that option.)

If there are no problems, you will see a page that starts with “Your request has been sent”. Save this page, or at least record the time that is listed. (For example, “Thu Feb 13 19:14:24 2014”.)

Requests for variations will be compiled in batches and made available for download from the Custom Variations Batches page. The variations are sorted by time, as listed on the “Your request has been sent” page.

My current usual schedule is to compile one batch a day, downloading requests in the morning, and uploading the variations in the evening (in the USA, Eastern Standard Time). So you should have to wait less than two days, currently.

To prevent taking too much space on my hosting provider's computers, older batches will eventually be removed. So don't wait too long to download your variation.

After you download a variation, extract the application from the archive, and place the appropriate ROM image file into the same folder, just as is done for the standard compile of Mini vMac.

You may request multiple variations. But please only request variations that you will use yourself (and will report any bugs that you find). Don't ask me to generate some sort of complete set just for the sake of having them available, to sit unused on your computer. If I get too many requests I won't be able to honor them all. On the other hand, a batch of several dozen variations doesn't take much more time than a batch of one, and currently there have been fewer requests than that.


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