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3.5.7 *Beta* Standard Variations

Beta! Current stable versions are available from the main Download Mini vMac 3.4.1 Standard Variations page.

These “standard variations” emulate a Macintosh Plus. The main Download Beta page has many more options.


Macintosh OS X (important: see notes)

x86-32 (44K)
for any Mac made after 2006

x86-64 (53K)
for any Mac made after 2012
(and some earlier ones)

for earlier Macs:
PowerPC (51K)

Microsoft Windows

x86-32 (66K)
for any PC

x86-64 (74K)


x86-32 (46K)

x86-64 (52K)
PowerPC (53K)
ARM (50K)


x86-32 (44K)

x86-64 (50K)


x86-32 (44K)

x86-64 (50K)


x86-32 (43K)

x86-64 (49K)

Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0

ARM (48K)


More Ports, for running upon other computers, by other people


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