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Mini vMac

Contents of the source distribution

The master source code for Mini vMac is a disk image that may be used in Mini vMac or other emulator or real 680x0 Macintosh. See the Build page to learn how to use it to compile Mini vMac.


Is a program that allows you enter options, and it then generates all the files needed to compile Mini vMac for those options in the selected development environment. If it is running in Mini vMac 3.0.0 or later, it will export an archive of these files to the host computer.


Source code for the MnvM_bld application.


Data for the MnvM_bld application. It is all the source code for Mini vMac that isn’t built directly into the MnvM_bld application.


Contains all of the C source code files. {Beta} now named “src” and contains all source, not just C.


Contains all of the (optional) assembly language files for each processor. {Beta} no longer present


Contains additional source files in folders for each API (Application Programming Interface) supported by Mini vMac, including “osx” for Macintosh OS X using Carbon and “win” for Microsoft Windows using Win32. {Beta} no longer present


Contains additional source files in folders for sound APIs supported by Mini vac. {Beta} no longer present


Contains additional source files, mostly icon resources, sorted by platform. {Beta} no longer present


Contains the user interface strings for each supported language. {Beta} no longer present


Source code for a replacement disk driver that is patched into the emulated rom, and for the video driver of the Macintosh II emulation.

{Beta} tran

Some source files are simple transformations of other source files. This is some MPW scripts to help keep them in sync.


Temporary files generated by the MnvM_bld application are placed here.


Has link to Mini vMac home page, and some license information.


The GPL license


If you find Mini vMac useful, please consider helping the Gryphel Project.

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