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Mini vMac


Extra software to be used with Mini vMac:

CopyRoms - save a ROM image file

Blanks - empty disk image files of various sizes

AutoQuit - assists in “wrapping” a Macintosh Plus application

AutQuit7 - assists in “wrapping” an application for System 7

DAOpener - assists in “wrapping” a Desk Accessory

DoLaunch - for wrapping an application than can’t be Start Up

EjctQuit - variation of AutoQuit for System 7.5.x

ClipOut - exports the clipboard

ClipIn - imports the clipboard

DAFKEY - FKEYs to open Desk Accessories

ExportFl - exports files from Mini vMac

ImportFl - imports files into Mini vMac

MPWextns - tools for Macintosh Programmer’s Workshop

binUnpk - unpacks MacBinary files

sitPack - pack into uncompressed ".sit" format

CnvtDC42 - convert Disk Copy 4.2 image

DC42Chk - check Disk Copy 4.2 image

Md5Fl - md5 checksum of file

Md5Im - md5 checksum of imported file

ExportPS - assists in printing from Mini vMac

ClockFix - keeps clock accurate

TestMnvM - tests Mini vMac

TestSync - tests video emulation

EgretRom - save ROM image file of Egret microcontroller

PMURom - save ROM image file of Power Management Unit

SlotRom - save declaration ROMs of Nubus Cards

FDisasm - formatting disassembler

FindCode - helps create information used by FDisasm

FindRes - helps create information used by FDisasm

GetRsFrk - get resource fork for FDisasm

SetFType - Mac OS utilities to set disk image file type

MnvMreg - install Mini vMac in the Microsoft Windows registry

Icons - alternate Mini vMac icons

Icon2 - second alternate Mini vMac icon


If you find these extras useful, please consider helping the Gryphel Project, of which it is a part.

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