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Arcade Games

for Macintosh Plus and Mini vMac

Games that depend on the exact timing of the players actions.

Continuum (hosted)

My favorite computer game. Involves a spaceship flying through a maze.

Lunar Phantom (hosted)

"I originally wanted to make a true 'Lunar Lander' style game, but it evolved into more of a arcade game."

Glider (hosted)

Game by John Calhoun featuring a paper airplane flying through a house.

Bachman (hosted)

"Pacman-style game"

Bert (hosted)

"Resembles the old arcade classic Q*Bert"

Slime Invaders (hosted)

"The game is in the Space Invaders genre."

Bedlam (hosted)

Game "reminiscent of Space Invaders".

Retro Engine (hosted)

"Silly revival/modernization of some ancient quick hacks."

Bikaka (hosted)

"Tetris on the hexagonal grid."

HeartQuest (hosted)

You "control a butterfly with the mouse, collecting hearts while trying to avoid sticky flypapers."

Ingemar's Skiing Game (hosted)

"The game of slalom for 2 or more players".

Mac_Pong II (hosted)

"based on the video game PONG".

BabyLabyrinth (hosted)

A simple maze game for young children.

Invaders! (hosted)

A "classic Invaders game, close to the original arcade game".

Missile (hosted)

A simple version of "Missile Command".

ColorFall (hosted)

"arcade style game with similarities to Tetris".

Texris (hosted)

A "Tetris-like game for 2 players".

Dropper (hosted)

"Cubes drop from the top of the window, and your goal is to stack and line them up."

Piston (hosted)

"You are the driver of a massive trolley, carrying blocks built to stop the pistons."

Flipper (hosted)

"Your goal is to make all the rectangles in a grid the same."

Golf (hosted)

"A simple golf game."

Cap'n Magneto (hosted)

An adventure game, the "first Interactive Animation for the Apple Macintosh".

Bolo (hosted)

A "16 player graphical networked real-time multi-player tank battle game."

BattleTanks (hosted)

Artillary game.

MacSnails (hosted)

Two player snake game.

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