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Archiving Software

for Macintosh Plus and Mini vMac

Stuffit Expander (hosted)

Decodes StuffIt and other kinds of archives.

DropStuff (hosted)

Creates StuffIt archives with drag & drop.

MiniUnZp (hosted)

Unzip a compressed archive created by OS X, preserving some of the Macintosh specific information.

Compact Pro (link)

File compression utility.

MacTar (hosted)

Utility for Tar archive format.

MacGZip (hosted)

Macintosh port of Jean-loup Gailly’s gzip.

ZipIt (hosted)

“Program to zip and unzip files”.

CPT2SIT (hosted)

Converts “Compact Pro archives to Stuffit archives”.

NoComment (hosted)

“Removes StuffIt comments from any StuffIt archive”.

DoBinHex DropTool (hosted)

“For creating BinHexed (HQX) files.”

DeBinHex DropTool (hosted)

“For creating BinHexed (HQX) files.”

DeHQX (hosted)

BinHex decoder, with source code.

HQXer (hosted)

Can “decode and encode BinHex archives”.

MacBinary II+ (hosted)

Encodes and Decodes MacBinary files.

Decode Apple File (hosted)

Decodes “AppleSingle, Apple Double, and BinHex files.”

yEnc TZ (hosted)

Decodes “yEnc encoded files”.

MacLHA (hosted)

Encodes and Decodes LHA archives.

StUU (hosted)

A “drag-and-drop UUdecoder”.

MacUnRAR (hosted)

For “archives created with the PC RAR archiver”.

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