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Astronomy Software

for Macintosh Plus and Mini vMac

MacAstro (hosted)

"calculates the appearance of the sky at any time between the years 1900 and 2100, and from any point on Earth."

Star Atlas 0.8r2

copyright: Youhei Morita
mod date: Feb 24, 1994
license: free for non-commercial use

Displays positions of the stars, sun, and planets.

Moon Tool (hosted)

Displays "the moon in its current phase along with detailed information on the Moon’s phase cycle".

Wiedermoon 1.1

copyright: Phil C. Stuart
mod date: Apr 6, 1996
license: Freeware

"Shows the phases of the moon on a small calender."

StarGen 68K 1.0b7

copyright: Eldacur Technologies
mod date: Nov 22, 2004
license: freeware

A "random solar system generator". Use the '-t' option to produce text only output (for example, type '-t' into command window, and click ok). Otherwise, output goes into the folder "html". This version is by Jim Burrows of Eldacur Technologies, but it "owes a lot to many different precursors written by several authors over the years." Source code is available.

www.gryphel.com/c/sw/astro - feedback