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Other Games

for Macintosh Plus and Mini vMac

The Fool's Errand 3.0

copyright: Cliff Johnson
mod date: May 23, 2002
license: freeware

My sister's favorite computer game. "A wandering Fool seeks his fortune in the Land of Tarot in The Fool's Errand and braves the enchantments of the High Priestess. This 1987 award-winning game was the first computer metapuzzle, a rare blend of storytelling, playful hands-on visual puzzles, and cryptic treasure map." See "http://www.fools-errand.com/" for info about planned sequel.

As mentioned on the linked page, a recent Macintosh version of Stuffit Expander will expand the archive correctly. Otherwise, just unzipping will give files in MacBinary format. If you rename the files by adding ".bin" to the end of the name, then "Stuffit Expander 4.0.1" running within Mini vMac can expand them. "MacBinary II+ 1.0.2" also will work. Thanks to Jason King for pointing out this issue.

At the Carnival 1.8

copyright: Cliff Johnson
mod date: May 23, 2002
license: freeware

"MacWorld called this 1989 puzzle collection At the Carnival 'more than a Fool and less than an Errand,' meaning lots of puzzles but no story or metapuzzle."

3 in Three 1.2

copyright: Cliff Johnson
mod date: May 23, 2002
license: freeware

"MacUser's 1991 Best Game of the Year follows in the footsteps of the Fool as metapuzzle deluxe."

Dungeon of Doom (hosted)

Graphical dungeon adventure game.

Angband (hosted)

Dungeon adventure game, with text based graphics.

Rogue (hosted)

Fantasy game with text based graphics.

MacSokoban (hosted)

"The Warehouse Keeper game."

Sokoban (hosted)

"adaption of public domain UNIX game"

JSokoban (hosted)

A "puzzle game"

Classic Daleks (hosted)

"Daleks game with working high score list."

Mine Sweeper (hosted)

The popular puzzle game.

Hexmines (hosted)

"Mines on the hexagonal grid."

Escape! (hosted)

"similar to an old computer game called Daleks".

SideMinder! (hosted)

"You try to get rid of all your game pieces before the computer does".

Jotto ][ (hosted)

"Similar to MasterMind, only with words."

RightWord (hosted)

A "word game and learning aid for children".

HangMan (hosted)

Has "over 2000 words, keeps track of top 10 high scores, and has a Tournament option".

Halma (hosted)

A "solitare board game in which you must move nine tiles".

Lose Your Marbles! (hosted)

Fill a board using "as few different marbles as possible".

Same Game (hosted)

A "solitaire puzzle".

Ray’s Maze series (hosted)

Adventure games made with World Builder.

Dracula’s Castle (hosted)

A "text adventure game."

Eliza (hosted)

Game which simulates a psychologist.

Azile (hosted)

Game like Eliza, except simulates "real jerk".

Re-Pete (hosted)

Memory game.

Space Station Pheta (hosted)

"Fast, multi-screen, climbing game".

Gold Digger: The Lost Mines (hosted)

"Classic-style, multi-screen platform game".

MacPatience (hosted)

"Plays 5 different solitary card games".

Klondike (hosted)

Klondike and 3 other solitaire games.

On the Edge (hosted)

A solitaire card game.

Poker (hosted)

A "game of five-card draw".

Scarab of RA (hosted)

"Graphic adventure game".

System's Twilight (hosted)

"An abstract Fairy Tale". A puzzle game.

Booby Reversi (hosted)

Plays Reversi, otherwise known as Othello(TM).

Gryversi (hosted)

Another Reversi game, that I wrote.

MasterNoggin (hosted)

"A version of the classic board game Master Mind."

Tic Tac Toe (hosted)

An "unbeatable Tic Tac Toe program."

Rendzju (hosted)

Similar to tic-tac-toe, but 5 in a row.

MacCheckers (hosted)

Checkers game.

GNU Chess Mac (hosted)

Chess for Macintosh.

Kalah (hosted)

"Ancient African game".

Tess (hosted)

Four-dimensional Rubik’s cube.

Morpion (hosted)

Draw as many line segments as possible.

Big Al Slots (hosted)

A "casino slot machine game."

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