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Other General Interest

software for Macintosh Plus and Mini vMac

Software, not otherwise classified, that is likely to be of interest to most computer users.

MacPaint (hosted)

A “BitMap Painting Program by Bill Atkinson”. MacPaint was one of the very first applications available for the Macintosh, written by the author of QuickDraw, the core Macintosh graphics library.

LightningPaint (hosted)

A "powerful black-and-white paint program".

ShareDraw (hosted)

A "full featured drawing application", for "System 6.07 or later".

GIF Converter (hosted)

Displays and converts between "several graphic file formats, including GIF, TIFF, RIFF, PICT, JPEG(JFIF), MacPaint, and Thunderscan."

View Picture (hosted)

A utility for viewing and cropping pictures.

Mighty Draw 1.11 Demo

copyright: Abracadata, Ltd.
mod date: Dec 10, 1999
license: free demo for commercial product

A drawing program. Can access libraries, "import a variety of file types", and "automatically generate charts".

Acta Classic 1.0/15Jul93

copyright: A Sharp, LLC
mod date: Aug 11, 1999
license: freeware, but don't redistribute

Outliner, by David Dunham, Tony Mann, Ken Keller, Joe Michels, and Mark More.

MORE 3.1

copyright: Symantec Corporation
mod date: Dec 2, 1991
license: ?

Outliner. Versions 3.0 and 1.1c are also available.

Excalibur (hosted)

“Spelling checker that is also LaTex aware”.

NCSA Mosaic (hosted)

“first popular Web browser”

MacLynx (hosted)

A “text-only browser”.

Eudora Light 3.1.3

copyright: QUALCOMM
mod date: Oct 23, 1997
license: free for non-commercial use

An email client. Mini vMac doesn't yet support internet access, but Eudora Light can be used to read saved email. (The old Eudora Light can still run in the Classic environment of OS X. And I still use it, to be sure that I'll always be able to read my saved email.) For "System 7.0 or later". The earlier 1.3.1 version is available with source code.

Hypercard Player 2.4.1

copyright: Apple Computer, Inc.
mod date: Jun 11, 1998
license: free, but don't redistribute

Hypercard Stack Viewer.

Address Notebook (hosted)

“For saving addresses and notes”.

InTouch 2.5.1 (Demo)

copyright: Prairie Group, Inc.
mod date: July 20, 1995
license: free demo for commercial product

Address Book. "a free-form information manager. Instead of separate fields for each piece of information, InTouch uses just two data entry fields."

PopAddress (hosted)

Address book with configurable pop-up keys.

Big Al Address Book (hosted)

An “easy to use personal address book.”

Dali Clock

copyright: Ephraim Vishniac
mod date: ?
license: ?

A "re-write of Steve Capp's Dali Clock program", that "should run on any 1-bit Mac (System 7 or earlier.)" (The original is limited to earlier machines and system versions.) "Dali Clock is a digital clock. When a digit changes, it 'melts' into its new shape." There is no last mod date, but the program includes the string "This version was created February 23, 1987". Thanks to Ephraim Vishniac for adding it to his home page (look for the phrase "Dali Clock"). Source code is included.

HappyPlusClock (hosted)

A full screen clock program “with both analog and digital displays.”

MiniClock (hosted)

A simple analog clock application.

O'Clock (hosted)

An analog clock in a circular window.

attoClock (hosted)

A "very small application (7494 bytes) for System 7 that displays a digital clock in a small window."

True Clock (hosted)

A “small time utility for Macintoshes running system 7.0 or higher. It displays up to 64 clocks on the screen, round or rectangular, with analog or digital display.” Each clock can be given a title and an offset (i.e. time zone).

StopWatch (hosted)

"A simple stopwatch utility".

Calendar (hosted)

A "desk accessory: A Macintosh version of a desktop calendar."

Birthdays and Such (hosted)

“Meant to be launched on daily startup, to remind you of the important birthdays and anniversaries”.

Network Calender (hosted)

Single user calender and calenders shared over network.

DateView 2.6 (Demo)

copyright: Prairie Group, Inc.
mod date: Feb 1, 1996
license: free demo for commercial product

"Use it to schedule appointments, maintain your to do list and remind you of important events."

EZCalendar (hosted)

A calendar accessible with user definable Hot Keys from any application.

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