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Math Software

for Macintosh Plus and Mini vMac

Data Desk (hosted)

A tool for Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA). It is one of the oldest Macintosh programs still actively developed and sold (for OS X and Windows). A version for Macintosh 680x0 is freeware.

NumberCrunch II version 2.1

copyright: Jim Mahoney
mod date: Oct 27, 1998
license: without charge for individual and academic use

A "scientific calculator which emphasizes array and matrix operations." Requires "1 Meg of memory" and "system 6.07" (or later). The simpler NumberCrunch 1.45 is available from the same page. A slightly earlier version has long been my favorite program for simple calculations, for its simple text based interface - you type an equation and press return, and it's evaluated.

MathPad 2.4.7s1

copyright: Mark Widholm
mod date: June 30, 1997
license: free for non-commercial use

"General purpose graphing scientific calculator. It uses text input rather simulating buttons on a hand held calculator" It "requires system 7"; version 2.3.5 is available for "system 6 or system 7".

GrafEq 1.15

copyright: Pedagoguery
mod date: Nov 12, 1998
license: shareware

"For graphing, and otherwise exploring, mathematical relationships." For "System 6 or 7".

CalcWorks 1.7.8

copyright: John Brochu
mod date: Nov 8, 2001
license: shareware

"Full-featured replacement for Apple's standard Calculator DA." Includes about anything imaginable for a conventional calculator, such as scientific functions, binary math, "paper tape" window, and RPN mode. For "System 6.0.5 up to and including OS 9.1".

ThufirCalc 1.0

copyright: Peter N. Lewis
mod date: Jun 23, 1998
license: freeware

Calculator with hot key activation. But it uses the 'control' key for activation, and a Macintosh Plus doesn't have a control key. Requires System 7.1 or later.

Extended Calculator 2.03

copyright: Niklas Frykholm
mod date: Mar 10, 1997
license: shareware

Four calculators in one program: "Layman", "Scientific", "Graph", and "Programmable".

Graf 2.7.4

copyright: Ralph S. Sutherland
mod date: Jun 6, 1997
license: freeware

"Scientific plotting and statistics".

Linear Regression Pro v2.2

copyright: Gerald Hammond, MacSOS
mod date: Jan 28, 1999
license: shareware

An "application to calculate the slope, intercept, the correlation coefficient and the errors for a series of x, y data. (i.e. y=mx+b)" The "maximum number of points is 40".

ProofDesigner 1.0c

copyright: Dan Velleman
mod date: Mar 16, 1995
license: free for non-commercial use

"Writes outlines of proofs in elementary set theory, under the guidance of the user. It is designed to help students learn to write proofs". Dan Velleman requested (9/20/2004) mention that an applet version (Java) is also available.

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