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Math Software

for Macintosh Plus and Mini vMac

Data Desk (hosted)

A tool for Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA). It is one of the oldest Macintosh programs still actively developed and sold (for OS X and Windows). A version for Macintosh 680x0 is freeware.

NumberCrunch (hosted)

My favorite program for simple calculations.

MathPad (hosted)

"General purpose graphing scientific calculator."

GrafEq (hosted)

"For graphing, and otherwise exploring, mathematical relationships."

CalcWorks (hosted)

"Full-featured replacement for Apple's standard Calculator DA.

ThufirCalc (hosted)

Calculator with hot key activation.

Extended Calculator (hosted)

Four calculators in one program.

Graf (hosted)

"Scientific plotting and statistics".

XLISP-STAT (hosted)

A Lisp based statistical computing environment.

QUAD-Plot (hosted)

A "plotting application".

Linear Regression Pro (hosted)

Linear Regression for one Y and one X.

ProofDesigner (hosted)

"Writes outlines of proofs in elementary set theory".

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