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Programming Languages

for Macintosh Plus and Mini vMac

MacPerl (hosted)

“Perl for the Mac”.

XLisp-Plus (hosted)

A Lisp interpreter.

Pixie Scheme (hosted)

Scheme variant of the Lisp.

MacGambit (hosted)

Scheme interpreter and compiler.

Chipmunk BASIC (hosted)

Basic interpreter.

MacMETH (hosted)

“Modula-2 Language System”

Yerk (hosted)

An “object oriented language based on a Forth Kernel”.

Mops (hosted)

A “close cousin to Yerk”.

Pocket Forth (hosted)

A “small Forth system”.

UCB Logo (hosted)

A “freeware interpreter” of Logo.

Little Smalltalk (hosted)

A “greatly simplified version of Smalltalk-80”

Open Prolog (hosted)

An “Apple Macintosh implementation of Prolog”.

ProIcon (hosted)

Icon Programming Language.

MacGofer (hosted)

An “an extended subset of ” Haskell.

Caml Light (hosted)

“Small, portable implmentation of the ML language”.

MacABC (hosted)

“ABC interpreter & environment”.

UserLand Frontier 1.0

copyright: UserLand Software, Inc.
mod date: Jan 6, 1992
license: ?

The "first system-level scripting language for Macintosh." It is "also an outliner, with a programming language, toolset, verbset and storage system built around it." This was publicly released in 1998 in the message Antique: Frontier 1.0 (January 1992), however the link there no longer works. Thanks to Dave Winer for supplying a new link.

XLISP-STAT 3-52-16

copyright: Luke Tierney
mod date: Jan 9, 2000
license: ?

The right version is genapp.sea.hqx.

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