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Text Editors

for Macintosh Plus and Mini vMac

BBEdit Lite (hosted)

A freeware text editor.

FullWrite Professional (hosted)

An "intuitive word processor with desktop publishing power".

miniWRITER (hosted)

A "text processor desk accessory".

Style (hosted)

A "scriptable text editor for the Macintosh".

Vim (hosted)

Macintosh port of a popular unix editor.

GNU Emacs Macintosh Port (hosted)

Macintosh port of another popular unix editor.

Tex-Edit (hosted)

Simple styled text editor.

Anarcho (hosted)

Simple text editor.

Texplore (hosted)

A simple text editor with macros and an html view.

AlphaLite (hosted)

"very powerful, multi-purpose text editor". scriptable in TCL.

SimpleText (link)

Simple styled text editor included with Mac OS.

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