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Sent: Fri Sep 15 05:11:05 2017

Hello. I would like to use the system 7 installer files. What do I need to unpack the bin file?

See the System 7.0.1 install images Recipe for step by step instructions.

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Sent: Tue Sep 5 06:09:09 2017

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In regards to the "Abnormal Situation" (OAO4) error I reported earlier, the error is generated immediately upon booting into Mac OS 7.5.5. There are several PowerBook related items in the Control Panels which has me wondering if perhaps I'm using a version of 7.5.5 that isn't fully compatible with a Mac II?

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Sent: Sat Sep 2 05:22:19 2017

I received an "Abnormal Situation" (OAO4) error with a v3.5.8 build that did not occur using the same disk image with a v3.4.1 build. I'm reporting this because I do not know whether the error is a result of something I've done incorrectly or if there is a bug in the current version of Mini vMac.

Code 0A04 indicates that Mini vMac’s video driver was passed a control code it doesn’t know about. Previous versions of Mini vMac just ignored such control codes.

If you can tell me what you are doing that generates this warning then I can make Mini vMac deal with it properly. (Which is why it is giving such warnings now, so such issues can be dealt with.)

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Sent: Thu Aug 31 11:40:02 2017

Mini vMac works great, until I try to install Mac OS 7 on it. When I get to disk 3, it spits out the my dsk file (untitled) and prompts me to insert it. When I mount that back in, it spits out the disk 3, works for a while and then asks to instert the disk "untitled". It would help if you (or possibly someone else) figured out how to mount the DSK file as a SCSI hard disk and not as a floppy. Otherwise, you (and everyone else, who helped make Mini vMac possible) did a great job.

Sent: Thu Aug 31 11:50:17 2017

Hi, I told you about the Mac OS 7 disk 3 and hard disk issue earlier today. After struggling with the installation, I noticed it worked normally again. It appears that the issue only happens for some data on the disks downloaded from winworldpc.com. I'm happy that I don't have to do the constant disk switching for every disk. Also, I wrote Mac OS 7, but OS 7.0.1 was already installed by me. I used disk images I found on YouTube. WhatI meant to say was Mac OS 7.5. It might be an issue with the disks.

For many installer programs, including the one for Mac OS, what works to prevent disk swapping is to mount all the installer disks in advance. Mini vMac by default can mount 6 disk images at once. But System 7.5 has more install disks than that. You can increase the number of disk images in Mini vMac with the “-drives” compile time option. You don’t need to compile Mini vMac yourself, you can use the Variations Service.

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Sent: Wed Aug 23 21:10:02 2017

Hi! I found software that crashes under Mini vMac, can you check if Mini vMac can be patched to make it work? The disk image is non bootable, so you have to boot System 4.1 or higher with a ROM that is at least 128K or larger. Here's the crashing software floppy image: [... link to Super 3D 2.0 by Silicon Beach Software on a site with Macintosh abandonware ...]

Do you have any reason for believing this should work on a Macintosh Plus? It doesn’t seem the sort of software that is likely to.

Or are you talking about the Macintosh II emulation of Mini vMac? It is incomplete, many things work well enough, many things don’t. It is suitable for games when it works. It should not be relied on for accurate results for other purposes.

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Sent: Tue Aug 22 03:02:54 2017

Hi Paul,

Thanks for writing FDisam app. I'm reading Basilisk II source code. I got stuck in their messy ROM patch code. So I use FDisam tool to read original ROM in human renderable way. After importing the PEFORMA from file and rename it into bin, I don't think it disassemble correctly. All lines are treated as DC.L, define constant.

Is it because the endianness issue in the way extracted ROM file or the ROM is encrypted?



Sent: Fri Aug 25 01:38:54 2017

Sorry, I didn't see you have another utilities FindCode that tag code segment in ROM.

I used IDA Pro to disassemble ROM. It requires to manually tag code segment as well. Given 1MB size of Performa ROM, I guess that will be some work.

As a programmer, I'm lazy. I want to know:

1. Did anyone try to tag Performa ROM with MD5 hash af343f3f1362bf29cefd630687efaa25?

2. Are there any heuristic way/tool to tag code segment automatically? So assuming that the tagging program run as M68K instruction executor, we provide a start address and all initialized registers. By running ROM, we tag the code at the same time. When hitting logical branch (either true or false), we fork two different execution path from the fork...

I will appreciate if you can give me some advice since you have done this with lots of experiences.



Yes, FDisasm won’t do anything very interesting without formatting information. Starting with a map of where the code is.

Creating high quality formatting information is very non trivial.

There are some quick and dirty approaches. Starting with just marking the entire ROM as code. If treating data as code is messing up the disassembly of following instructions that you’re interesting it, then you can manually mark that data in the map.

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Sent: Mon Aug 21 21:52:30 2017

Dear Paul,

big thanks for your work on MiniVMac_II and the build system!

Could you please enable some more RAM for the Mac_II flavour - say 16MB?

It is possible to compile a version Mini vMac Macintosh II emulation with more RAM, but it doesn’t work. A Macintosh II doesn’t have a “32 bit clean” ROM and so will not normally support more than 8M of memory. According to the Macintosh II article on Wikipedia, the software “MODE32” will allow a Macintosh II to use more memory, but only if the optional PMMU is installed, which Mini vMac does not emulate yet.


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